Tips on Writing the About Us Page of Your Website

A lot of business websites have their respective “About Us” page, but not all website owners put in enough effort to maximize this page. They treat this page as an afterthought rather than a priority, which is such a shame because the “About Us” page is one of the most visited parts of a website. Potential customers normally visit this page after checking out the products and services in the online store. Your “About Us” page can turn that potential customer into a buyer…or it can turn him off your goods and business altogether. This is why it is important to create a great “About Us” page. Here are some things to consider when it comes to improving this very important part of your website:

Let the Customers Know That You Have or Can Give What They Need

There are businesses that fill in their “About Us” pages with company profiles or bios of their executives, which is a big no-no. See, customers are not really interested in what you are as a company; they are interested in seeing what you can give to them. The content that you will put in your page should reflect what your business is doing, what you are capable of, and what you already did. You can’t just say that you give excellent customer service. You need to spell it out and say that you only have less than 1% error rate and 95% shipping delivered on time. This is what your customers want to read about you.

Go Easy on the Adjectives

By now, your potential customer has already read so much marketing copy on websites that superlatives will fail to impress or get his attention. Instead of saying that your product line is innovative and cutting-edge, name the innovative and cutting-edge products that you developed. Your products and services should be able to speak for themselves without you having to heap positive adjectives on them. Your reader will know if you are laying things on thick and will doubt on your credibility.

Always Update

If you already have a good “About Us” page, don’t forget to update it as often as you can. This is where you promote your business and everything you offer. Put in every milestone your company has achieved, whether it is a consumer award you received or a new store that just opened. Your page should always be up-to-date.

Make It Readable

Your good content will be put into waste if your page is not readable enough. Take note of factors, such as font and length of the text. If your font is too small, you can discourage elder visitors from reading your content. Avoid writing paragraphs that are too long; chop them into shorter ones instead. Your text should have a line height of about 13px and sized 11px. Variations will depend on the font that you use. Times New Roman and Arial fonts are still the go-to fonts for maximum readability. Lighten or darken text according to font type and size.

The “About Us” page is one of the many pages that visitors often read first, especially if they want to know what a particular business entity can do for them. Therefore, make it a point to make this page in your website stand out. A good “About Us” page can help convert website visitors into customers.