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President Rodrigo Duterte and the Extrajudicial Killings: How Bad is the Top Leader of the Philippines?

It has been a long time since I last posted an entry into this blog. I had been very busy writing and editing for my clients and tending to my travel and tours business that I barely have the time to post entries into this blog. But with all the …Read More


Ways to Become a Smart Internet Marketer

With the Internet making money-making look easy, many people have shown and continue to show interest on being marketers online. …Read More

Freelance Writing

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

Social media used to be merely an online platform for connecting people from various parts of the globe. However, there …Read More

Animals and Pets

Causes of Diphtheria in Dogs

Diphtheria is a form of bacterial infection that distresses the patient’s upper respiratory tract. Patients suffering from diphtheria are commonly …Read More

Isabel, Leyte – Aftermath of the Destruction That Was Yolanda

Isabel, Leyte – Aftermath of the Destruction That Was Yolanda

November 8, 2013 should have been a normal day for most of the Filipinos. However, super typhoon Yolanda (international name: …Read More


Halloween Costume Ideas for the Budget Conscious

Not all may be too excited to wear costumes during Halloween, but for those who do, finding the right costume …Read More


Ways to Make the World Fall in Love with Your Brand

Buying a particular brand is one thing, but loving it is a whole other thing. When one loves a product …Read More

Freelance Writing

Tips on Writing the About Us Page of Your Website

A lot of business websites have their respective “About Us” page, but not all website owners put in enough effort …Read More

Freelance Writing

E-book Writing Ideas

Many website owners have discovered the various benefits of writing e-books. An e-book can be used as an excellent marketing …Read More

Gadgets and Technology

Anti Cyber Crime Law of the Philippines

This year has been an unstable time for the Internet especially with the SOPA and PIPA controversies. Now, the Philippines …Read More


The Journey

The path was long and ragged I couldn’t see the end It just stretched on endlessly, a prison cell for …Read More

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